The Moustache and Beard Social Club

Club Bylaws

Article I. Purpose

The purpose of this Gentlemen's Club is to provide an opportunity for the facial-haired in our community to join each other in a social setting.  This Club shall also find or organize opportunities to raise funds to further the causes of the facial-haired.  In addition, the Club shall organize those members who wish to compete in local and national competitions.  Most importantly, this Club shall attempt to improve the standing of the facial-haired in the local community by helping to stamp out any fears and prejudices held against them by the smooth-faced.  Finally, meetings of this Club shall be an opportunity for members to drink together and talk about how awesome their facial hair is, for that is the basis of this Community, and it is that which binds them together.

Article II. Meetings (Regular, Special, Quorum)

Meetings will be held the second Sunday of each month and at other times as deemed necessary. Meetings may be canceled or rescheduled by a majority vote of all Officers present in a quorum at a given meeting.
Time of meeting shall be from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  This meeting time can be changed by the presiding President prior to the next meeting, via any agreed upon channel of communication but preferably the MBSC Club Business Facebook page.
In the month of April, the Annual Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the regular business meeting, at which time new officers will be elected and a full and complete Annual Accounting of the financial condition of the Club shall be made to the Officers and any Members present.
Special meetings (which can include meetings of just the Executive Board) may be called at any time by the presiding President. Also, any one Officer may request a special meeting through the presiding President, in writing. In all cases, special meetings shall be limited to the stated purpose, which must be communicated in advance to all Officers.
A quorum of all Officers shall be present at any regular or special meeting in order for Club business to be conducted, e.g., spending Club funds or agreeing to use the Club name in an event.  A majority vote of the Officers present is needed to approve any Club business not otherwise specified in the Bylaws herein.
A majority of Officers shall be present at any regular, special, or Annual Meeting before the election of officers or amendments to the Club Bylaws can commence. A majority vote of the Officers present is needed to approve amendments to the Club Bylaws, or to elect Officers.
Each Officer shall have one (1) vote in all matters, excepting the President who shall have one-and-a-half (1.5) votes.
Any Officer who fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings without being excused by the presiding President from attending, or who fails to attend six (6) in any twelve (12) month period, will be considered for termination.
The use of written proxies is hereby permitted for those Officers or Members unable to attend any regular, special, or Annual Meeting.  A vote on the Facebook page will also be counted as an absentee vote for the Annual Meeting elections.  A proxy vote will be counted when it pertains to a specific issue previously discussed by the Officers, not to issues brought up and decided at the missed monthly meeting.

Article III. Officer Positions and Duties and Election Procedures

Annually at the meeting to be known as the Annual Meeting, or as needed to fill any vacancy, Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the Officers and Members present, or by appropriate proxy, to the following positions and duties:

President:  Sets meeting dates and locations, appoints committees or individuals to needed tasks, presides over meetings, sees that the resolutions passed by the Officers are carried out, and represents the Club in the community.
Vice President:  Takes the place of the Presiding President when he is absent or incapacitated.  Keeps a record of the actions authorized by the Officers, and notifies Members of meetings and activities

Treasurer:  Keeps a record of the Club’s receipts and disbursements.  Places the authorized Club purchase orders with the authorized vendors, makes payments to those who have provided authorized goods or services to the Club, and prepares the Club’s monthly Financial Statement.

​Public relations director: shall actively seek out media, charity, and activity events for the Club to take part in. He shall bring forth all activities to the executive board for approval in proposal form. These proposals shall include the following items:
i. Date and time of the event
ii. Any costs or financial opportunity the event contains
iii. Expected number of Club volunteers to successfully take part in the event
iv. Details on any organizations the Club shall work for or with during the event
 This officer shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the Club Webpage. Upcoming events, accomplishments, and updates shall be posted by this officer. 

SERGEANT AT ARMS- This position will be a house keeper during meetings and functions. Duties include
i. Before Meetings or Events
The Sergeant at Arms before the meeting starts and checks that everything is in order before other board members arrive. He may organize equipment and set up the meeting space. If new members are attending their first meeting, the Sergeant at Arms greets them and briefs them on protocol and procedures; he also welcomes any guests. The sergeant administers sign-in documentation, ensures that the meeting starts on time and checks that only authorized members are present.

ii. During Meetings or Events
During meetings, the Sergeant at Arms keeps order. If other board members or meeting attendees are disruptive, the sergeant may warn them and, in extreme cases, eject them from the meeting. The role may involve some administrative tasks such as collecting ballots, tallying votes and recording attendance. In addition to sergeant at arms duties, this director also has to meet his responsibilities to his executive board and committee roles during meetings.

iii. After Meetings or Events
The Sergeant at Arms typically oversees the cleanup process after meetings, either alone or with the help of other members. He packs up equipment and materials, and restores the room or hall to its original state after the meeting. The sergeant is typically responsible for the safe storage of any equipment, supplies and property owned by the club, inventorying them after each meeting and reordering supplies when needed.

Any changes to overall format or any changes with a financial impact must be approved by the executive board prior to be carried out.

MEMBER: Membership shall be divided in three categories. 
Any person may apply for membership to the MBSC. 
Beginning at the meeting where approved, new members to the club will be considered Probationary members until they show up to 3 meetings in a 5 month span.
All types of Members shall be invited to all MBSC events and have registration fees, where appropriate, waived for these events. 

VESTED MEMBER: A Vested Member will be one that has signed the club bylaws and attends half or more of the monthly meetings during a given business year. Vested Membership will be granted to members each year during the Election Meeting. In the event of an odd number of meetings, a member may be granted Vested Status with slightly less than half of the meetings attended (ie 5/11). 
Vested Benefits
i) These members may run for Executive Offices each year
ii) These members will be given one vote in any club officer elections and any club business votes at meetings where they are present or have given a proxy
iii) These members shall be given the right to petition for individual use of club funds to attend events that will enhance the Club's standing in the community or to represent the club. Charity Events, Competitions, and Social Events are all examples of valid uses of Club Funds. The Executive Board will approve or deny these requests by majority vote. If an Executive Board Member applies for funds, he must abstain from the fund approval vote. These petitions shall be limited to a maximum of 5% of current club funds

NON VESTED MEMBER: A Non Vested Member is a member that has signed the bylaws and has not attended half of the yearly meetings. 
Non Vested Benefits
These members shall be given one vote on issue of club business that the occurs at a meeting the member is attending. This does not include Officer Elections
These members shall be able to apply for club funds to cover admission fees  to competitions or similar events at a maximum of 25$. The Executive Board will approve or deny these requests by majority vote

These members will have access to club meetings and functions and be able to take part in club discussions. They will not have a vote on matters of club business until their probationary status is up. 
These members will not receive any funding beyond competition fees, and these will be provided at the discretion of majority executive vote.
After the probationary member's 3rd meeting, the vested membership will hold a majority vote to remove probationary status from the member. 
If this majority passes, the member will be pinned and given access to the inner workings of club business.
If at any time during the probationary period, the new members acts in a way detrimental to the club, any vested member may motion to have the executive board remove the member before the probationary period is over.
A member may remain probationary as long as wished and while the member remains in good standing with the club
For purposes of vested membership and voting, attendance during probationary period will count towards the member's benefit for the executive year in question.
The combination of all approved Executive Officers shall be known collectively as the Executive Board.  If absence from the General Election is unavoidable, appropriate proxies may be submitted before the April Meeting to elect Officers to serve in official positions. Alternatively, absent members may have up to 72 hours after the April Election to cast their vote with the appointed Election Manager. 

Voting Procedures
All Executive Boards Members elected at the General Election, held at the April Meeting each year, within the Moustache and Beard Social Club are to serve a term of one year. Terms shall begin on May 1st. Special Elections arising from the creation of an opening for an Executive position from the following shall be held at the next meeting.
Special Elections shall be held in the following situations:
1. Creation of a new Executive Position, approved by the Executive Board and ratified by a majority of MBSC members.
2. Resignation or Removal from Office of an Executive Officer
In the occasion that an Executive Officer is elected from a Special Election, he may serve in this office for a term of less than 1 year. The Executive Position shall become open at the next General Election.
In the specific incident that the President is removed from office by any means, the Vice President shall serve the remainder of the election year as President and the Special Election in that case shall be to fill the office of Vice President.
An Executive Officer shall not be restricted by term limits. He may serve concurrent or non-concurrent terms without limitation if continually elected by the MBSC membership.

Article IV. Removal of an Officer 

If an officer of the Club (President, Vice President, or Treasurer) does not fulfill duties required as described in Article III, that Officer will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from office will be discussed and voted upon. At that meeting, the Officer may present statements to the presiding President in an effort to retain the position.
Removal will occur if so voted by majority of the Officers and Members present at the meeting or voting by appropriate proxy.

Article V. Guests

Officers or members may invite guests to any meeting of the Club.

Article VI. Contributions

Members shall be encouraged to participate in Club events or to contribute their time and/or expertise to fundraising for the Club.  Membership shall not be contingent upon such participation or contribution of time, but such participation should be considered when nominations for Club Officers are due.  Those Members who choose to participate in Club events and attain the rank of vested member and fundraising shall be considered eligible for Club funds to be disbursed on their behalf.  These funds and their disbursement shall be discussed at the monthly Club meeting before the dispersal of any funds.  Examples of what such funds shall be disbursed for could include, but shall not be limited to; travel expenses, entry fees for competitions, and services rendered to the Club above and beyond the call of membership.  Club funds shall only be disbursed directly to Members as a special consideration.  The Purpose of the Club as put forward in Article I shall be kept in mind whenever Club funds are to be spent.

Article viI. Financial Statement

Transactions:  Purchase or payment actions shall be made by majority vote of the Officers present at the monthly meeting. Any vote for such transactions will be put in the form of a motion after membership discussion at a regular meeting. Transactions between meetings cannot be made by polling Officers. If a vote is necessary prior to the regularly scheduled meeting, the presiding President will call an Executive Board Meeting, this meeting can be conducted electronically.
Financial Statement:  The Treasurer shall prepare a monthly statement of financial activity and health, effective the Sunday before the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Article viii. Statement of Account

The Statement of Account shall be a complete set of accounts, consisting of assets, liabilities, individual Member contributions, and appropriate revenue and expense accounts. It shall use a simple accounting system that shall match all bank statements of the Club accounts.

Article iX. Annual Accounting

Each calendar year, a full and complete account of the condition of the Club shall be made to the Executive Board. The annual accounting shall take place at the Annual Meeting for the preceding year.
All financial transactions shall be reviewed semi-annually by the Officers of the Club.

Article X. Bank Account

The Club may select a bank for the purpose of opening a bank account. Funds in the bank account shall be withdrawn by checks signed by the treasurer or other account designee of the Club.

established 2011

The Moustache & Beard Social Club