Talon Bowyer


​Talon likes lifting and Lana del rey.  He's the Photoshop wizard of the MBSC.  Also A huge Ketchup fan.

Blaine Reeves


​Blaine is an original member of the club.  He like to build rock crawlers, BMX, skateboard and do pretty much every extreme sport out there.  He enjoys camping, fishing, and tailgate sunsets.  

Sean Raiger 


​​Reigning Fu Manchu World Champ, holds numerous titles for his awesome facial hair.  The "Whisker lord" of the MBSC, Sean is a loving father and husband, and an all around awesome guy.  He's a fervent SF Giants fan and a lover of Budweiser.

David Adams

Sergeant at Arms

​Bearding since December of 2013, but I have always had some kind of facial hair. David got hooked after being invited to the club and meeting everyone. Clubs and competitions have brought him closer to new friends and new adventures, and he gets excited at the prospect of hanging with beardos at the comps. His supportive girlfriend, Lorrie, loves his beard and is excited that his new company doesn't require him to trim, or shave.

Lewis McGeorge


Know by friends as Skrewee Lewee, he is a proud father of two and husband of one. Lewis was born and raised in Roseville, CA. He enjoys his beer cold and his food spicy. Spends his free time on the golf course hacking it up or on the softball diamond swinging away. 

Joshua Varozza


Joshua Varozza often known as Big Bad Josh is a Sacramento native. His days are spent assisting the great citizens of California with all their bail bonds needs. He is a proud father of one studly boy who he will one day pass his bearding torch onto.

Jason Gilman


3rd Garibaldi 2014 Northern Ca Beard and Moustache comp.  

Jason Is a Horticulture major.  He loves camping, off-roading, and pretty much anything outdoors.  

Brandon Morgan

Founding Member

Brandon is from, Auburn, Ca. He has been a member since day 1 and was the 1st and 3rd V.P. of the club, part of our trophy crew. He is a Sheet Metal Journeyman for the local 104 in Sacramento and has a wife, and 2 daughters. 

Justin Vorhauer

Vice President

Justin Is a tour de force in the bearding community, winning multiple titles in numerous categories for his amazing facial hair.  Justin enjoys indulging the whims of his pirate alter-ego, “The Voracious,” by attending pirate festivals and Renaissance Faires.


Sat,04/08/2017 @0500pm

California State Railroad Museum

125 I St. Sacramento, California 95814


Meet Our Members

When is our next event?

The Moustache and Beard Social Club is a facial hair club dedicated to celebrating all that is hirsute. Based in the Sacramento, California area, we involve ourselves in a balance of charity work, bearding competitions for charity, and social events.

Our members come from all walks of life and represent a large variety of facial hair styles. We strive to be a club where individuals can feel welcome and be a part of a loyal, albeit a bit off-kilter, brotherhood. Whether you are the serious 
competitive beardsman, a passionate pogonophile, or simply on the lookout for camaraderie and entertainment, stop by
one of our monthly meetings to check us out. 

About The Moustache & Beard Social Club

​Trevor Kanan


​* 2014 Northern & Southern California Full Beard under 12" Champion

* 2015 MBSC Member of the Year

Trevor is a proud father, an MS and Autism advocate, and an amateur Shaman

Aaron Leff

Public Relations Director

Originally from So Cal. Aaron has had facial hair since he could grow it. Switching from styled mustache, he prefers Verdi and Garibaldi beard styles, and won 3rd Place Verdi at Brooklyn Nationals. He has cheated death more times than he can count. is a proud father and Cancer survivor with a passion for the outdoors, motorcycles, adrenaline, cigars and single malt scotch.

Kevin Poulos


Bio Coming soon!!

Ryan Scalise

Founding Member

Ryan is a proud father and husband, fan of the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Cubs, and PBR. The MC of our comps, Ryan is a talented musician and a rad guy.​​

Matt Lee


​Originates from Los Angeles, but found better living in the northern parts of California. He wrenches on motorcycles, has some real sarcasm issues, and loves to play some dominoes.

Benjamin Jones


First Club Treasurer.  Scientist.  Husband.  Ginger.  Crazy.

Vinnie Guidera


​​Vinnie is 25, He went to a private high school where he was forced to shave and since then he's never looked back.  He plays multiple instruments, and fronts a band called VInnie Guidera and the Dead BIrds.  He refuses to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek, and likes to paint.

Nick Bacon


​Nick (aka MasterBacon) joined us in 2013, and although he had his battles with the trimmers early on, he's all in now.  He works entirely too much, but when he can he likes going fishing in the Sierras with his lab.

Carlos Flores


Bio Coming soon!!

Jess Scott


​He is 31 years old and was born and raised in Rocklin, CA. Some of the things that he enjoys doing are hunting, fishing, & ocean camping. He breeds snakes as a hobby and has been into reptiles for over 20 years. He's a very nice person, loves to hang out, always into trying new things and is very open-minded.

Landon Gillespie


Landon started out as a stache guy but is now a proud beardo.  He's won several times for his facial hair and amazing stage presence.   He's proud to be a member of this club since day 1.  He enjoys good friends, PBR, Lagunitas, and speedos.  

established 2011

The Moustache & Beard Social Club

Ashley Drake


​Ashley is the first lady to represent MBSC. She made her Whiskerina Debut in 2015 and has since created multiple award winning beards both in realistic and creative styles. Outside of the club she works at Trader Joe’s and tries to leave her small mark in the art world with her portrait drawings.

Aaron Wilson


​A loving father of two and a devoted husband, Aaron is an original member of the club.  He's been a garbolgist for 14 years.  In his off time he enjoys riding his harley, snowboarding, and spending quality time with his family.  He loves all genres of music and enjoys car shows, and hitting up a dive bar.